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HydraPet Portable Water Bowl

HydraPet Portable Water Bowl

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Keep Your Furry Friend Hydrated and Happy On-the-Go

Introducing the ultimate solution for pet hydration - our Portable Dog Water Bowl. Designed with convenience and your pet's happiness in mind, this innovative water bottle is perfect for any adventure.


Key Features:

Wide Drinking Water Tank: The spacious design allows your pet to lick water easily, reducing waiting time and enhancing their drinking experience. Ideal for large dogs and short-nosed breeds.



Gravity Outflow: With a simple press, water flows out effortlessly, making it quick and easy for your pet to hydrate.



Transparent Frosted Bottle Body: The elegant, see-through design lets you monitor water levels at a glance, ensuring your pet always has enough water.



Stable Base: The enlarged base ensures the bottle stays upright, preventing spills and providing a secure drinking station.



Foldable and Portable: Compact and easy to carry, this water bottle is perfect for both home use and travel, ensuring your pet stays hydrated wherever you go.

Multi-Purpose Bowl: Use the wide tank to also serve dog food or treats, making it a versatile companion for any outing.



  • Convenience: Easy to use and carry, perfect for walks, hikes, and travel.
  • Health: Ensures your pet stays hydrated with clean water at all times.
  • Design: Sleek and stylish, combining functionality with elegance.
  • Safety: Stable base prevents tipping, reducing mess and potential hazards.
  • Versatility: Serve water, food, or treats, catering to all your pet's needs.
  • Perfect for Large Dogs and Short-Nosed Breeds: The spacious tank accommodates larger mouths and unique drinking needs.

Material: PP, PET
Size: 350ml:183*138*62mm/500ml:196*150*63mm
Capacity:350ml or 500ml
Color: White, Yellow, Green(optional)

Package Includes:
1x Dog Outdoor Water Cup

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